Marina dá beijo carinhoso em Clara em despedida romântica

I can’t breath.

Pretty much it. And to be honest, that list is not long enough.

"It was like our souls found each other."

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I cant live anymore with the presence of the absence of Clarina’s scenes.
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coexistbecuasewhynot gritou: Hey! I was looking at your page and you're a fan of Clara e Marina! I'm a huge fan too, but I have a hard time finding it with English subtitles! Do you know where I could find the episodes with English? Thanks 😊

Hey! :D Yeah I am. YAAAAAY, that’s great! \o/ Welcome to the fandom.
 Yeah, there are not many places where you can watch it subtitled in english. Yes I do, but if you are looking for to watch the whole episodes of Em Familia (which is the novela they are from), I’m pretty sure you won’t find it in english anywhere because no one uploads the episodes online. But, if you are only interested in Clarina, there’s this account on DailyMotion right here, who edits only their scenes, and uploads it on video compilations, it’s really awesome :)

 Hope that helped!

So let me see if I got that right:

Marina invites Clara to sleep at her house. TO SPEND THE WHOLE NIGHT OVER THERE.
Okay, that’s good. HOORAY! Things are finally happening. YAY!


And even with this great thing happening, THIS HUGE OPPORTUNITY TO FINALLY MAKE A MOVE AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, what does our dear Clara decides to do?

Oh yeah, of course, she is going to do what anyone in this wonderful situation would do…I mean, here I am, stuck inside of a gorgeous house with the woman I’m ridiculously in love with, while it’s raining outside, the perfect mood for l’amour. And even though there are more people in the house, we could easily sneak up upstairs to the bedroom to, like you know, talk in private and maybe, just maybe, do things, like MANY MANY COOL AND NICE THINGS WE COULD DO AND THAT WE ALL APPRECIATE. And what does Clara do, you might ask? Why I’d be more than glad to tell you, my friend, Clara…SHE HAS THE NERVE TO LEAVE MARINA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WHILE THERE’S A FUCKING STORM GOING ON OUTSIDE, THE CITY IS UNDER WATER, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE AND SHE COULD STAY IN A WARM COMFY PLACE WITH WINE LOVE ALONG WITH THE WONDERFUL GORGEOUS WOMAN SHE DESPERATELY WANTS TO MAKE OUT WITH OH BUT NO, OF COURSE NOT INSTEAD OF THAT SHE THINKS IT’S A BETTER IDEA TO LEAVE WITHOUT EVEN TELLING MARINA, WHO IS PROBABLY ALL HAPPY BECAUSE SHE WILL GET TO SPEND THE WHOLE NIGHT WITH HER BOO BY HER SIDE, AND SHE’S PROBABLY PLANNING A DELIGHTING NIGHT FOR THEM WHILE SHE IS TAKING A GODDAMN SHOWER BUT INSTEAD OF ENJOYING ALL THAT, CLARA DECIDES TO GO BACK HOME TO THAT ASSHOLE THAT IS CADU THAT DOESN’T EVEN GIVE TWO FLYING FUCKS ABOUT HER ANYMORE AND OH NOohoh my god…


Clara, this thing that you are doing, STOP IT.

I’m so done.

[SPOILER] Crisis in the relationship? Clara leaves Marina in the middle of the night.

Arriving home, the photographer’s assistant is greeted in a cold way by Cadu.

Clara goes back home under the pouring rain, but is coldly greeted.
(Foto: Em Familia/ TV Globo)

The storm outside made Clara (Giovanna Antonelli) spend the night at Marina (Tainá Muller)’s house. But the assistant can’t get rid of the heavy weight that’s she’s feeling on her chest. When her boss goes to take a shower, she stays by herself watching the rain, untill she is interrupted by the arrival of her work colleagues. In a outburst, she says that she needs to check if she left the car door opened and leaves in a hurry.

 Feeling relieved, Clara hugs Ivan, who celebrates her arrival.

Times later, at Leblon, Cadu (Reynaldo Gianecchini) explains to his son that Clara got stuck at work and that the night will be only for the two of them. “The three of us! Because I’m here! The city is flooded e, to make it worse, out car won’t start because of the rain. It was hard to get a cab in Santa Teresa by this hour. I got a ride. I’m soaking wet from my head to toes, but I’m here! Safe and sound.”, says Clara, surprising both of them.Ivan (Vitor Figueiredo) gets really happy with his mom’s arrival, but Cadu shows indifference and goes to sleep.

On the next day, Clara shows up at the studio early and notices that Marina got upset because of her sudden departure.  ”Cadu is my husband and everything I do for him, I do for love. But, besides him, I also have a small kid, who needs me. With Ivan I can’t hesitate, I can’t make mistakes. He needs me.”, she explains. 


Don’t miss the scene, that is scheduled to be aired on Thursday, April 17th.

DUEL: Who do you think Clara should stay with: Marina or CaduVOTE NOW!

@SOURCE:Gshow(in Brazilian portuguese only)

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inspired-creative gritou: Thank you so much for the spoilers :-) #fellowclarinalover

Ohhh, you are very welcome :) I’m gonna try to keep’em coming as much as possible :D Thank you for taking a lil’ time to message me, that’s very sweet of you :)