”Why are you still watching these Clara and Marina scenes over and over again?”



A cena que a Globo não colocou no gshow. 

Clara pergunta à Marina se ela já pensou em ser mãe:

The scene that Globo didn’t upload on Gshow.

Clara asks Marina if she ever thought about being a mother

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And as a final note, I’d like to say a few things:

I love that despite the fact that the scenes were kinda short yesterday, they had many important details to the girls storyline. Like, when they were at that Mother’s day party at Marina’s studio, even though Clara brought Cadu with her, and he stayed by her side the whole freaking time, Clara couldn’t take her eyes off Marina. Wherever Marina was, that’s also where Clara’s attention would be. Or when Clara got really upset after seeing Vanessa and Marina together in the pool. 

So correct me if I am wrong here, please:

Why would Maneco even bother himself to write such small, yet beautiful and subtle, details if it wasn’t meaningful to the story in anyway? If he really wanted back off on the decision to make Clarina a couple, why would he keep writing these kind of scenes, when he could’ve put an end on everything a long time ago, right after some people started complaining about Clarina scenes? He means something, he is willing to tell this story, and contrary to what we think, he isn’t quitting on Clarina. In fact, he hasn’t said a word about the positive side of the repercussion of the couple, neither about the negative one. The media is doing all the dirty work, spreading this kind of information, and most of the speculations aren’t even true. Maneco still is the captain of the Clarina ship and he will always be, because a captain never abandons his ship, he is just navigating very quietly, without making too much noise about it, because he knows how to deal with the public he writes to. Neither he can argue with those who are against him, or support those who are in his favor, because that would only make things even harder to handle, he would only waste his precious time, and a huge amount of energy, there will be too many people involved, and at the end, there will always be someone mad and against something, so why bother to fight for a lost battle?
He is one of the best authors of the country, he has many many years of experience on what he does, and it won’t be a couple of narrow-minded rude assholes who will stop him from doing his thing.

So, I really think we shouldn’t worry about Clarina’s future, because as much as we are gonna have to wait a long time and suffer a little before anything actually happens, it is very clear that after all, Clarina will be endgame.


And you better don’t fuck this up, or I might as well call my attorneys and probably try to beat you up when we are in court, so, watch out Maneco, I swear to god.

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Can we appreciate the fact that, to Clara it was actually painful to see Vanessa and Marina together?

The look in her eyes showed nothing but sadness and pain.

She walked near the pool, saw them, and she felt the need to go away from there because she couldn’t stand it. It says a lot of how much she likes Marina, a lot more than she thinks she does.
 She saw them, and she was instantly upset, like:

And Vanessa, argh…she was being such a bitch teasing Clara that way, but little does she know, what she is doing is actually helping Clarina to sail, so Thank you very much!

Clara when Sildu vs. Clara when Manessa.

Draw your own conclusions.

This is so important.

Clara started to feel jealous of Marina and I couldn’t be more happy.

Like, when they were at that party, Clara saw Marina with Vanessa and at first she got a little annoyed, no biggie, but then she kept looking at them and she started to look really really annoyed, like:

“Oh look at Marina…she is with Vanessa…it seems like they are close friends, like, they do have a lot of intimacy. That’s nice I guess…kinda…just a little, I don’t know, I mean…What’s with all the touching and smiles anyway, they are not even together anymore, are they? I mean I don’t get it why she can’t talk to Marina without being this close, does she really need to be so close to Marina and wHY DOES SHE KEEPS TOUCHING HER IS THAT REALLY NECESSARY OMFG

And then Cadu arrived, talking about some fancy snack he had and that he wanted to cook it on the bistrô, as if someone was giving a fuck about what he was saying, in fact, no one was, Clara included. She was like:

But he kept talking, and talking and then Ivan also started talking, and Clara was just like:

And she couldn’t help but look at Marina and Vanessa talking, and looking a lot more annoyed than she was at be beginning.
She tried to act cool around Cadu, she was smiling, trying to play cool, but while her nervous smile was saying: 

The look in her eyes said:

This just keeps getting better and better omg. Until now I didn’t know I need to see Clara jealous of Marina as I much as I need air.

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plzletmehope gritou: omg that means so much gonna happen and change about Clara and marina story i am optimistic tho

YEEES! I’m really looking forward to what the next chapters will bring us :)


Anonymous gritou: Do you really believe that Clara will renew her vows with Cadu and realize in time that even though she deeply cares about him, she is in fact in love with Marina? I'm not sure how I feel after the Extra spoilers

Yes I do for sure. And I not only believe that she will realise that even though it won’t be in time to back off her decision to marry Cadu again, but that she already did, she just doesn’t want to admit it to herself. Because things would be a lot easier for her if she chooses to stay with Cadu, it would put all the drama aside, the possible fight in court for the custody of her son, she wouldn’t feel guilty, selfish or like if she was the worst person in the world for leaving her husband, who is feeling sad, alone and abandoned for the woman he spent his whole life with and plus: that has a serious heart condition. And not to mention all the judgmental people she would have to deal with. 

I believe that Clara is trying to be as logical as possible in order to avoid any kind of complication that not only would affect her, but also have a considerable impact on Ivan’s life, the one who she is most worried about. But that’s her mistake, she is trying to be logical knowing that there’s love involved, and love is the most illogical thing in the world, you can’t understand it, try to label it or avoid it, you just feel it, you can either give in and accept it with all your heart, or try to avoid it and suffer, and that’s all you can do.
Call me crazy, but after I read the Extra spoiler I got even more confident about Clarina’s future tbh, because even though she is willing to get back together with Cadu, to make things get back to the way they were before she met Marina, she’s still feeling really confused and lost about everything. Which means, she is not sure about Cadu, neither she is about Marina, but again, she doesn’t love Cadu the way she used to, and she is torn between him and Marina, so It shows that her feelings for Marina actually have a big impact on her, that what she feels isn’t just a doubt anymore, It is real and she knows that, she is just too scared to face it, because if there’s one thing she is sure about, is that as soon as she jumps into this love story with Marina, there’s no turning back, and being aware of this fact is a constant reminder of all the consequences she is gonna have to face if she decides to be with Marina in the end.
  So I guess that’s the whole dilemma: 

Wanting to be with the woman she loves VS Being scared to death of all the consequences
I don’t know, I just feel like this is going to be a good thing for Clarina after all.


Helena has officially lost the crown and her place in the Ultimate Clarina Shipper throne.



Take your chances, silly! Try it! (…) You mind-cheated a thousand of times. Since you already did in your head, do it right, with the whole body. And at least one thing you can solve: The doubt.”

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yeahitsdeb gritou: Valeu!! :D Nossa, Clara e Marina já terminaram tantas vezes e nem são namoradas ainda. hahaha *---*

Disponha! :) Hahahaa sim! Mas das outras vezes também não adiantou de nada, foi uma choradeira danada, despedidas dramáticas e saudade e sofrimento de ambas as partes, e no final das contas elas nunca conseguem “dar um tempo" porque não suportam ficar longe uma da outra (AKA: AMOR GALERA ISSO É AMOR BRIGADA BRASIL BJO MANECO ME LIGA). E eu tenho CERTEZA ABSOLUTA que essa vez vai ser a mesma coisa :)